Baring the percept or it, however, and sickly of a mental capacity by

perception Perceptionisten is artists who engage themselves and

jointly is with the percept outside the field of contemporary art but

between the netwerkende sewers of experimenting. The ultimate creation

arises from a total vision of the Eego between everything in, art from

intuïtie true of lifestyle and design, within a context of happening

- just time, just moment, just place - in a spirit of commmitment and

solidarity right to the aim finished, the percept exceed the daily and

distinction of Low-art and high-art and are place itself it creative

between, unfathomable within the vele artistic expressions, the

percept are the spark, electricity and everything including moment

that the result are of the perceptionisme as overlevingsvorm, to the

relevance of art in a context.

The perceptisme as a denktank and virtually discussion platvorm in its

discretion without escaping the social consequences and one to be able

seduce by the reflection of capitalist tendencies, the perceptisme as

an ideology where religion has none within that then eventually must

lead to the percept.

The percept as a blind person angel, exploring gone zoekend, with

falls and stand up between philosophical, with a look on what forces

itself there, because then to channel in new percept.

The perceptisme are distinguish of what is expected and which new

percept force themselves, mentally lobby to provoke a discussion and

to put in new creatuur an aim that can an aim be himself never in

itself, infinite consuming, hunger to situering, balancing on all

branches networks, between two to be based on, always open spaces

creates that everyone at each moment and in each context can fill in.

The perceptionisme are balance on the rhythm between life and dead,

within the palates and the sewers of visual art that have connotations

with picture culture, music, theatre, vogue, literature, philosophy,

operette and especially bacon hoist......

Swarm between two extrêmes vb operette/opera, philosophy/religion,

literature/pulp, concept/percept, theatre/cabaret, pelicule/DVD.....

Beeldende art in a context of credibilities and plots, in a context of

perpetuity and restrictions, within the context of irrefutable

hypotheses, in a context of opportunism and integrity, the game rules

for perceptionisten. The materialisering from the mental capacity

perception to an object.

The percept are a gift and perceptionisme are stripping the emballage

to eventually are bared if surprise or new percept, the afpellen of

the emballages can go further, the daily recognizable objects, ideas,

propositions must for their part can be also bared to percepten.

Peeling to the nature, the skin if emballage which can be sold then to

museums and foragers duration, museums as a dead flesh.

Perceptieve consideration: The percept are ENTERTAINMENT change with

accessories to bare you afterwards, accessories such as tangible

illustrations, such as appreciation, such as additives, such as

supporting instruments, as worldly objects, kunstprularia for the

foragers within the context percept.

A guilder rule for perceptionisten... on time it for have seen... a

correct snaar play on... voeling have with your polsslag... much warm

air always blow... do what you cannot leave within the context of the

acceptable social commmitment.

Arrived artists know what wanted people yesterday and not arrived

artists know what wants people tomorrow with there between in Ehet