This project was started in 1999 by participating in the ‘Box Project’ of the Museum Of Installation / London and presented at Angel Vergara’s ‘STRAATMAN’ space in the Rue Dansart, Brussels in early 2000.

The ingredients of the box were left-overs my ‘Bomma’ (grandmother from my father’s side of the family) who departed earlier that year (14 January 1999) at the ripe old age of 93,- this work was an ode to my grandmother, Maria Crombez.

The contents of the box were: a lock of hair, her false teeth (top) a crucifix, a watch, a pair of gloves, a few photographs, and an accompanying booklet of anecdotes, references, and situations.

The fact of having a grandmother like so many others, unknown and forgotten due to not being interesting enough, - is a reason to set her on a pedestal,- to make her become interesting.

By resurrecting Bomma, and still giving her some meaning, -a sense of her existence not being futile,- this is everyone’s dream: to mean something.

This all-encompassing project is still in a growing phase and is beginning to develop into a whole seen from different points of view,- these different phases, parts, fragments, publications will come together in the form of a theatrical-performance-exhibition under the title ‘The Resurrection of My Bomma’

At the occasion of every exhibition or project in I participated, a ‘part’ of Bomma was either added to or incorporated in my contribution. Apart from that, fragments of ‘Bomma’ travelled with friends in the form of modiefied photographs, - which will be presented finally in a ‘souvenir-album’ of her unwitting travels around the world.

The search into who my Bomma was, my interpretation of the fragments I dug up, would perhaps also be surprising to herself,- if she would agree with my view is something I will never know...

Since my bomma was arch-conservative, ultra-flemish, and never set foot outside Belgium, it seems like an anachronism that she is now exhibited in foreign museums without her knowing. Such a posthumous resurrection tickles the imagination, is a great opportunity to incorporate into a wider concept the use, authorized or not, of someone’s life. People should be used, and their legacy revised, otherwise they would just disappear.

So now my Bomma travels the world, and appears here and there as participant in group-projects, - her nick-nacks and her name (Maria Crombez) which would have been thrown out after her departure, have now been recuperated and reworked in such a way as to present my own view of my grandmother, from which one can also surmise that she was not always roses and sunshine,- and also gives a view of the time she lived in, nearly the whole last century.